About Us

Nyooz24 is the website that announces all major events in the US as well as the world to citizens that care. The website runs so as to inform readers of oncoming storms, and ripples in the world arena which are likely to affect them. You may ask, why Nyooz24?

To this, we give you the various categories we cover such as US and international news, auto industry, education, and the crypto sector. With this approach to cover all aspects of the economy and geopolitical factors, Nyooz24 is the space to watch out for. This provides us with an unbiased and fresh look at conflict, economic distress, and world news. The blog is your one-stop to being a more aware citizen.

With quality content in abundance, Nyooz24 does exactly what its name says – it heralds the world to action so that our reporting does not go to waste. Nyooz24 activates citizens to make changes in their communities with a better understanding of the law, industries, factual awareness and knowledge on their side.