Survey Shows Americans Ready for Self-Driving Cars

About 40% of adult Americans drivers are inclined more to buying self-driving automobiles in the future as they look to snack, chat on their cellphone or atone for email while the car drives itself, a poll by Adobe Analytics confirmed Wednesday.

The poll of 1,040 American adults over the age of 18 reported that drivers are ready for more self-driving automobiles on the highway and have plans to make them an extension of their houses and places of work.

While trade specialists consider that it is going to be years before the auto industry reaches a point where autos can deal with all aspects of driving in most episodes with no human intervention, global car manufacturers and tech firms have already spent billions of dollars on automobiles that may drive autonomously.

Following the leads of General Motors, Uber Technologies, and Apple, South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor this month revealed bold plans to put money into autonomous autos and other associated systems.

The race for dominance is well underway. Alphabet’s Waymo and GM Cruise, supported by SoftBank’s $100 billion Vision Fund, already clocked over 25,000 kilometers of hands-free rides in 2018, according to the last year’s report by a California government company.

Lyft has further stated it’s going to make investments heavily in self-driving vehicles, while German auto manufacturer BMW and Chinese online gaming titan Tencent Holdings have collaborated to launch a computing facility in China.

Drivers also seem ready for the revolution. Many drivers already factor whether an automobile has self-driving features into their buying choices, the report by Adobe said, with more interest in linked cars than ever before, with support rising by more than 35% in 2018.

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