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US-China trade war would continue for two decades if not resolved now – Jack Ma

Jack Ma on US China Trade War

Jack Ma, the co-founder and former chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. expressed his outlooks on the US-China stiffnesses. He said in an interview on Thursday,” we have to be very, very careful. We have to solve problems; we should not create more problems.

He mentioned that the US-China tensions would continue for more than 20 years if the trades aren’t handled carefully. The commerce conflict which has been going on since one and a half year need to be managed sensibly. The dispute has already enmeshed more than 70% of the bilateral trade in goods.

Jack Ma highlighted the importance of the two countries working together in peace. He mentioned the repercussion of the dispute on the relations in the long run though not on trade to that extant.

He added that if the two countries don’t take any initiative in solving their conflicts in the coming weeks, then on Dec 15, the White House will add 15% punitive tariffs on $160 billion in Chinese imports.

Alibaba is a China-based company and one of Asia’s biggest online companies. Alibaba faced a dip earlier this year when Trump administration started weighing a limit on US government pension funds buying Chinese products.




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